Staying Healthy During Your Pregnancy

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Smoking And Macular Degeneration: What You Need To Know

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Macular degeneration is a common problem that affects as many as 11 million people in the United States. The main cause of macular degeneration is the natural aging process, but doctors increasingly warn people that smoking can accelerate the onset of this vision disorder. Learn more about the symptoms of macular degeneration and how smoking can worsen the condition for you. About macular degeneration Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in many parts of the world, including the United States. Read More»

7 Myths About Chiropractic Treatment Busted

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Approximately 30 million people see an injury chiropractor every year. While that is a strong showing, it’s still a small percentage of the 7 billion people in the world. Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care, but many people either don’t fully understand what an injury chiropractor does, or they are scared off by the myths about this type of treatment. Here are 7 myths about chiropractors busted. 1. Once you start going to the chiropractor, you’ll have to go forever. Read More»

5 Tips For Choosing An Apartment For Your Senior Parent

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Many seniors are able to live independently well into their senior years. Their children, however, often worry about their safety. Senior parents and their children can compromise by looking for apartment buildings and retirement communities that make independent living easier. If you’re looking for the ideal place for your mom or dad, here are five tips for choosing an appropriate apartment for your elderly parent. Get a Ground Floor Apartment Read More»

Burning Thigh Syndrome: What You Need To Know

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Burning thigh syndrome (or meralgia paresthetica) is a painful condition that affects one of the large sensory nerves in your legs. The condition occurs when something compresses this nerve, causing a severe burning pain in your outer thigh. If your doctor thinks you are suffering from meralgia paresthetica, learn more about what causes the condition, and what you may need to do to deal with the symptoms. Causes Meralgia paresthetica is a nerve entrapment syndrome because the symptoms occur due to a trapped or compressed nerve. Read More»

Stay Gorgeous Forever: Can Botox Help You Preserve Your Youthful Looks?

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If you have wrinkles or crow’s feet, or if you want to keep yourself from developing them, you may be considering botox treatments.  Before you decide to take the plunge and pay for help achieving a younger, blemish-free appearance, you should answer a few important questions for yourself about botox and whether or not it can help you. Can You Be Too Old Or Too Young For Botox? While botox is typically described as a treatment for pre-existing wrinkles, it actually serves to slow the development of wrinkles over time. Read More»

Dental Trend: Implants Poised To Become Industry Fixtures

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Americans pride themselves on being trendsetters in all things, and the area of dental health is no exception. Market research shows that an upsurge in dental patients in the United States is going to double the dental implant economy over the next seven years. At that point, America will lead the world, responsible for one-third of the implant market. Specifically, experts expect revenue from American dental implants to increase from 3. Read More»

What Type Of Breast Implants Are Best After A Mastectomy?

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Over the past few years, a number of female celebrities have opened up about their choice to have one or both breasts removed after learning that they had a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer. In many cases, these celebrities made the announcement only because their reconstructive surgery had been so successful that no one would have otherwise suspected they had implants. However, the thought of undergoing a second operation after treatment for breast cancer can be intimidating. Read More»

Bedsores: Prevention & Treatment For Your Elderly, Bed-Bound Parent

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If you are taking care of your elderly, bed-bound parent in your home, you may be concerned that they could develop bedsores. Below are four tips that you should use every day to prevent these pressure ulcers from developing. Turn Them On A Strict Two-Hour Schedule Since bedsores can develop rather quickly, keeping your parent in one position for too long will cause their skin to breakdown. Because of this, you need to develop and implement a strict two-hour turning schedule. Read More»

Medical Equipment And Bathing Aids In Minnesota Make Life Easier For The Elderly

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Getting older may require several adjustments. Aging is a part of life, and sometimes people aren’t able to do certain things they could when they were younger. Even the most simple things might be a challenge as mobility isn’t as easy as it once was. This is why there is a big market for home medical supplies and various tools that make life easier to live for people who need extra help. Read More»