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Treating Back Pain Without Medication

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Suffering from back pain can be uncomfortable and leave you unable to take part in strenuous activity. Typically, medications are prescribed to relax the muscles and ease your pain. You may have adverse reactions to pills, may drive for work and don't want to be sleepy, or may simply wish to refrain for personal reasons. However, there may be a number of reasons why you don't want to take pain meds. Luckily, there are different ways to treat your pain without the use of medications. Here is how.


When you experience any sort of pain, it can really limit your normal day to day activities. When you experience back or neck pain, you should seek out a chiropractor to help alleviate the pain you are experiencing. When you first go to a chiropractor,  you will have to fill out papers to give them a better understanding of your health and if you have had previous issues in the area that arw preventing you from living a comfortable life. More than likely, the chiropractor will take an X-ray of the isolated place that you are experiencing the pain. Once they get a better understanding and see that you do not have any issue internally, they will give you an adjustment. The adjustment is focused on where you have the pain. For example if you are experiencing back pain, the  chiropractor will find the location on you and press down on that area which will help to release  air in the area and relieve pressure. 


Acupuncture is an ancient traditional form of Chinese medicine. This procedure is done by putting long needles in the affected acupuncture points of the body. When you seek to have acupuncture as a treatment to pain, make sure you go to a place that is properly trained and regulated to do so. Ensuring that the location you go to uses single use needles, that the facility is sterile andemplotees are  properly trained. Additionally, when the needles are placed in the pressure-pointed areas, some places will even light the end of the needles to provide a soothing aroma for you. This aroma can assist  with the pain and healing process. While this remedy is not as popular as some, it allows you an alternative to taking prescribed medications. 


When you stretch your neck and back,  it increases the blood flow to those areas that you are stretching. When you increase blood flow, it allows the joints in  the affected areas to get some pain relief. When blood flow is prevalent, it helps lubricate the joints and muscles. Expanding the affected areas increases circulation to improve your mobility. While stretching is not an instant relief method, it will help you heal and eventually alleviate the pain that you are experiencing. 

Heating Pads and Ice Packs

One of the easiest ways to treat minimal back pain and discomfort is to ice it or lay a heating pad on the affected areas. The hot and cold of either of these methods causes nerves to expand and contract, which can decrease pain caused by nerves. Some people experience better results with a heating pad, and others with an ice pack, so try both methods to see which you prefer. If you worked too hard in the yard or are experiencing sudden pain, this can make you comfortable until you can be seen by a chiropractor or acupuncturist. 

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to refrain from taking medications to treat you back pain. Treating your back pain is necessary to ease your pain, but taking medications is not. Pain management can help you find methods like the ones above to reduce your symptoms without relying on medications. Additionally, you can find more info here.