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Frustrated With Weight Loss Efforts That Seem To Go Nowhere? Could Chiropractic Treatment Help?

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Whether you've spent your entire life battling to keep your weight under control or have recently found that the benefits of aging can include a dramatically decreased metabolism, you may be wondering whether there are any options you may not have yet considered when it comes to losing weight (as well as keeping it off long-term). Chiropractic treatment has long been thought of as a way for those with back or neck problems to find relief; however, having regular chiropractic adjustments may have a surprising effect on your weight loss efforts. Read on to learn more about the different ways chiropractic treatment could help you lose weight.

How can chiropractic treatment lead to weight loss?

Although chiropractic adjustments don't always have a direct link to weight loss, subluxations (or improper alignment) of the spine can disrupt the nerve signals emanating from your spinal cord, including the nerves that control hunger and satiety. If you find that you're still hungry when you stop eating but feel stuffed just a few minutes later, it's possible that the "I'm full" signals being sent from your stomach to your brain are being scrambled by your spinal subluxations and can be corrected through regular chiropractic adjustments. 

Chiropractic treatment can also help correct problems that may be causing you pain and preventing you from exercising (or even walking) as much as you otherwise might. Once you've removed one of the main obstacles keeping you from getting more physical activity, you may find that weight loss is much easier. 

What else will your chiropractor do to assist you in your weight loss efforts?

Like acupuncture and other "alternative" treatments, chiropractic care tends to focus on holistic health -- looking at the entire body and mind to determine the source of a specific health problem and target it from a variety of different directions. For example, someone visiting a doctor for back pain may be given a prescription for pain medication and told to return if the problem doesn't resolve itself within a few weeks. On the other hand, a chiropractor may go through the patient's lifestyle, including eating and sleeping habits, to determine whether this back pain is musculoskeletal or instead caused by another underlying condition. 

As a result, seeking chiropractic treatment to assist you in your weight loss may sometimes be more helpful than going to a doctor -- even one who specializes in weight loss. A chiropractor will carefully review your weight loss goals, your diet, your exercise patterns, the amount of sleep you get, and other factors to help you ferret out the exact causes of your weight gain and how best to combat it. 

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