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Is Memory Care Right for Your Elderly Parent?

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When your elderly parent needs more specialized care due to Alzheimer's disease, memory care could be the answer. Memory care goes beyond the care offered in an assisted living facility. If you are considering memory care for your parent, here is what you need to know.  

What Does Memory Care Offer?

Memory care services are more comprehensive than other types of assistance that are offered in senior living facilities. Your parent will receive help with everything from daily living tasks, such as bathing, to his or her medication management.  

In addition to these services, your parent will receive 24-hour supervision. As your parent's condition worsens, the need for supervision will increase and the staff at memory care can provide this service. The facilities are specially designed to meet the special needs that come with dementia. For instance, the halls and floors are color-coded to help your parent find his or her way around the facility.  

As your parent's condition progresses, he or she might have behavioral problems. The staff at memory care facilities are trained to handle any outbursts or other behavioral incidents that occur. The level of intervention needed will be regularly assessed and adjusted as needed.  

What Should You Look for in a Memory Care Facility?

While touring different memory care facilities, you will notice differences between the services offered. To determine the right facility for your parent, you need to start by talking to his or her doctor. The doctor can help you craft a list of medical and personal needs your parent has. Once you know, you can start to narrow your search down by which facilities offer those services.  

One factor you should consider is whether or not the residents are grouped according to their cognitive levels. Many facilities separate the residents to avoid behavioral problems and to ensure that the staff is able to meet the needs of each resident.  

You also need to know how open the communications are between the staff and family. If an incident occurs, you want to be sure that you are contacted within a reasonable period of time. There has to be an established means of communication for families to reach out to staff, too. 

Ideally, you should start your search for memory care as soon as it is apparent your parent and family needs the additional help. If you wait, you could be forced to rush your decision-making. Learn more by contacting senior living centers like Sharon Care Center.