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Looking For Healthier Skin? Try LED Light Therapy

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Skin problems come in all shapes and sizes, but LED light therapy might be the thing that can nip nearly all of them in the bud. If you have a skin problem, keep reading to find out what LED light therapy is and how it may be able to help you.

The Development of LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy generally impresses doctors and scientists alike, in part due to the fact that it was developed by NASA. Originally, these lights were found to improve the efficacy and rate of healing in wounds. However, doctors and scientists have since discovered that LED light therapy has a wide variety of benefits for various common skin conditions.

What LED Light Therapy Does

Light therapy is simply light that's emitted by LEDs, or light emitting diodes. Unlike the LED bulb that might be in a lamp in your home, however, these LEDs are tuned to a specific wavelength that's beneficial for your skin.

LEDs have been shown to speed up the rate of cell turnover, which is why they improve wound healing, as well as increase the development of collagen. However, the same benefit can also help your skin to stay youthful and healthy-looking, since as people age the rate of cell turnover decreases.

In addition, light therapy can also be helpful if you acne or another skin inflammation problem. Blue LED light in particular is beneficial for reducing inflammation, and many companies now develop blue LED lights specifically for treating acne.

Where to Find Light Therapy

Although some at-home devices for LED light therapy now exist, they have limitations and downsides. LED devices to be used at home typically emit less light than professional-level light therapy devices found in spas and dermatologist offices. In addition, many rely upon batteries or are designed to burn out after a set amount of time in order to encourage the user to buy a new device.

If you're interested in LED therapy, your best bet for immediate results is to see a professional at a spa. Professionals can hold a consultation with you to determine what your skin needs and to choose a period of time you should spend under the LED lights. In addition, they can also provide eye protection, which is a must, as excessive light can be harmful for your eyes.

LED light therapy can be beneficial for people looking for anti-aging and anti-acne or inflammation skin benefits. If you're looking for a boost to your appearance, try LED light therapy.

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