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Innovative Non-Surgical Treatments For Your Osteoarthritis And Other Joint Problems

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There are different kinds of non-surgical interventions that can provide short-term relief for your painful knee caused by osteoarthritis or other joint-related illnesses. There is a new type of flexogenix treatment that orthopedic professionals are promoting, and you should talk with your orthopedic surgeon about the science of this non-surgical method. It is called flexogenix treatment. The science of this method focuses on innovative imaging technology that offers the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for your unique knee pain.

FDA Approved And Medicare Covers This Treatment

If you're 65 years old and covered by Medicare insurance, you are eligible to take advantage of this non-surgical procedure that will address your osteoarthritis knee problems. 

What Exactly Is Flexogenic All About?

When the science of flexogenix is used, physicians steer injections into your knee during a real time imaging procedure. Your physician views the needle as it goes inside your knee and then guides the needle into the chosen treatment area. This is a state-of-the-art and pinpoint delivery method that is marked by accuracy, which yields maximum results.

Advanced Injection Procedure

Prior to renourishing and cushioning your knee joint, expect to be given an advanced injection procedure to block any further knee joint and cartilage destruction. The advanced injection signals your body to end the sending of inflammatory signals associated with osteoarthritis. By stopping the inflammatory signals, a strong foundation to restore your knee joint is established.

Protecting Your Knee Joint

The injections consist of hyaluronic acid, which provides the joint with lubrication that reduces the painful bone-on-bone sensation you experience with joint-related problems. The procedure ensures that the gel-like fluid you've lost during your aging process enters your joint capsule for the best results.

Pre-Treatment Evaluation

Be aware that, before you undergo flexogenic treatment, you'll have to undergo a pre-treatment evaluation. The goal of this pre-treatment is to let you know before the actual treatment whether you are a likely candidate who will respond to this innovative treatment for your joint-related problems. If you're not a candidate who will positively respond to this treatment, then you will be told so. If you're a good candidate, you'll meet the physician who administers the injections. You can freely ask questions about the procedure's method and treatment. You'll also receive information about your specific options.

Discuss This Option With Your Primary Care Physician

You can also discuss the procedure with your primary care physician if you have specific concerns. Ask whether you should consider this treatment or even undergo the procedure.

For more information and treatment options, contact an orthopedic clinic, such as Omaha Orthopedic Clinic & Sports Medicine PC.