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MRI Tips To Keep Yourself Comfortable

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If you have an MRI scheduled, then you may be anxious to hear from your physician about the results of the imaging test. However, you will need to make it through the MRI first and this means preparing properly for the exam. Many people find the imaging tests uncomfortable. There are a few things you can do to make the treatment as easy on yourself as possible. Keep reading to learn about some tips.

Skip The Coffee

If you have your MRI scheduled in the morning, then you should think about skipping the coffee beforehand. This is wise for several reasons. Coffee is a diuretic and this means it causes you to produce and excrete more urine than usual. In particular, the urine volume is more than the fluid you consume. If you drink coffee, you will need to urinate more within the first few hours after drinking the beverage. This is an issue when it comes to your MRI, because the test will take between about 45 and 60 minutes. You will not be able to get up to use the restroom once you the test begins. 

Also, you will need to remain completely still during the test. If you move, then the image may not be crisp and clear and a new image may need to be created. This may mean a longer MRI the first time around or a second appointment. Since coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant, it is best to avoid the beverage and the possible nervous movements that come along with it. 

You might not want to drink any water before your MRI either. If you do drink fluids beforehand, make sure to use the restroom after the pre-MRI assessment and just before getting into the MRI machine.

Wear Light Clothing

Your clothing choices are important when it comes to MRI imaging. You cannot wear any clothes with metal zippers and snaps or the metals may interfere with the imaging test. Also, since the MRI machine is essentially a large magnet, the pull on the metal parts of the clothing can be incredibly dangerous. 

When it comes to your clothes, you should also wear light items. The MRI chamber is cramped and small and your own body heat in the machine will cause you to become quite warm. The MRI will likely be fitted with a fan to keep air flow moving constantly through the machine. This will help to reduce body heat, but you should wear a breathable cotton shirt and pants as well.

If you do become too cold during the MRI, you will be able to communicate with the MRI technician who can turn the fan off remotely. Keep this in mind if you become uncomfortable during the test.