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How Sclerotherapy Makes The Body Do Amazing Things

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Sclerotherapy is the medical name given to varicose vein injections for the treatment of varicose veins. The human body does amazing things when it is forced to compensate for something that is gone or does not work. Sclerotherapy plays a very big part in making the human body respond in an amazing way. 

The Varicose and Spider Veins

Varicose and spider veins develop for a number of reasons; obesity, stress, and strain during childbirth, damage to original blood vessels in the legs, etc.. In some cases where these blood vessels developed because other vessels were stressed or damaged, the body was already doing what it does best. It responds by creating a way for blood to travel another route.

Spider veins exist to bring heat to the surface of the skin to release it. The varicose veins are trying to keep blood moving, but because they are often underdeveloped vessels or weakened vessels, they fail and appear through the skin. Yet, you should not be concerned about collapsing these vessels, as it forces your body to find another way to move blood.

Collapsing Blood Vessels with Saline Injections

Saline is the fluid of choice for sclerotherapy. It is injected directly into the veins as you see them through the skin. The salty solution causes the vessels to collapse and stick together, cutting off the blood supply to the rest of the vein. Amazingly, a few months after this procedure, the body has absorbed the collapsed veins and regrown new, fresh veins to divert blood away from the "dead end" veins that were collapsed. You will not see these new veins, as the body almost magically rebuilds new veins for blood supply deeper into the tissues of the body. 

Your Body Creates New Parts

The body is always creating new parts. Every time you get a bruise, break a bone, or experience head trauma, your body immediately goes into action to create new cells to repair and replace the damaged cells. There are cases of people living with only half a brain after accidents or disease took the rest, and they lead perfectly normal lives. When you collapse blood vessels, the body realizes that it cannot send blood through those vessels anymore, so it absorbs them and destroys what is left of them while simultaneously creating new vessels. If you could watch what happens inside your body to the treated veins, you would be amazed.