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Platysma Banding: What Can You Do To Minimize Them?

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If you have thin vertical folds of skin hanging down your neck, you may have an age-related problem called platysma banding. Platysma banding develops when the large, flat muscle (platysma) found beneath your chin and collarbone weakens and sags. The collagen in your skin may also break down and cause sagging. Both problems can affect your appearance. You can reduce the bands on your neck with these tips.

Exercise and Moisturize Your Neck

The muscles in your neck require exercise and massage just like the muscles in your legs, arms, and other body parts. But unlike your arms and legs, you can't use traditional weights and machines to tone your neck muscles. Instead, you can try a few gentle but effective exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles in your neck.

Some sources recommend moving your head up and down and side to side to work out the platysma muscles in your neck. The gentle exercises also tone the tissues in your chin and jaw. You can perform platysma banding exercises several times a week to obtain the best benefits.

If you can't tolerate the exercises above, massage your neck with moisturizing lotion every night. You may want to use an anti-aging cream to perform the massage. These types of products usually come with retinol, green tea extract, and other beneficial nutrients that rebuild the collagen in your skin. 

If nothing works to tone your sagging neck muscles, seek help from a cosmetic specialist. 

Consider Neck Banding Treatment

A cosmetic specialist may offer numerous ways to get rid of the bands and loose skin on your neck, including neck lift surgery. A surgeon may use neck lift surgery to remove the excess skin and fat from around your neck, or they may use the treatment to tighten and reposition your platysma muscle. The type of neck lift procedure you qualify for may depend on your cosmetic goals, the condition of your skin, and your overall health. 

If you don't feel comfortable with surgery, ask a cosmetic specialist about dermal fillers. Dermal fillers smooth out wrinkles and make skin appear fuller and healthier. Some women and men combine dermal fillers with other cosmetic treatments for the best results. If you want to learn more about combining cosmetic treatments, consult directly with a specialist.

Although platysma banding can be frustrating, you can treat it effectively. If you desire more information about cosmetic neck lift surgery, dermal fillers, or other cosmetic procedures, contact a cosmetic doctor near you today.