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Strategies For Parents With Child Suffering From Asthma

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Asthma is a respiratory problem that afflicts many children, and if your child has developed this problem, it is vital to take aggressive and proactive steps to manage the symptoms of this potentially serious condition. However, parents that have never suffered from asthma may not understand what patients of this condition will experience or how they can help their child to combat it.

Ensure You Always Have Emergency Medications Available

When a child is suffering from a severe asthma attack, it is vital to administer medication as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can be possible for the asthma symptoms to result in the child being completely unable to breathe, which can be fatal. Due to the urgency of administering medication, you should make sure that this medication is always available for your child. This may mean investing in additional inhalers or other medication to leave with the school, but it can be the best option for ensuring that prompt action is possible when asthma symptoms start to manifest.

Have Your Child Undergo Comprehensive Allergy Testing

It is important to have a full understanding of the potential allergens that could trigger an asthma attack for your child. One way to help you gain this information is to have the child undergo comprehensive allergy tests. During these tests, the child will be exposed to small amounts of allergens so that their allergic response can be observed. While these tests can have the temporary effect of resulting in mild allergic responses, they will allow you to know the substances that are most likely to trigger severe allergic responses in the future.

Keep A Journal Of Instances Of Asthma Problems

Despite your best efforts, there may be some days when your child suffers from an allergic response for seemingly no reason. When these situations occur, you should write down the date, time and the activities that your child has recently been doing. By reviewing this journal, you and your doctor may be able to identify potential causes of the asthma attack.

Discuss Exercise Options For Your Child With Your Family Doctor

Many parents will assume that children with asthma should always avoid exercise as this could make it too difficult for them to breathe. However, regular exercise can be an essential aspect of minimizing the development and worsening of these symptoms. To help keep your child safe, you should discuss potential exercise options for your child with your doctor. This will allow you to make informed choices when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle for your child.

Contact your family medical care provider for more help.