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What You Need To Know Before Getting A Nose Job

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Maybe you were in an accident that left your nose looking unsightly. Or perhaps you have always abhorred the look of your nose. In either case, having a nose job can put an end to your disdain and leave you with a nose you can be proud of. But there are a few things you need to know before you go under the knife.

1. Your surgeon can modify the procedure to suit your needs.

Before you lay down and have a nose job, you need to figure out exactly what you want out of the procedure. The best way to do this is to meet with the plastic surgeon. They can show you a photo of your face with several different nose shapes, which can help you decide exactly what you want your nose to look like. Do not be afraid to tell your surgeon if there is something you do not like about the changes they recommend. Their goal is to create a nose you're happy with, so they want to know these things!

2. You'll need a few days at home to recover.

Yes, it is just your nose — but the healing process affects your eating, breathing, and talking. As such, you should plan on taking a few days off from work after your nose job. This will make it easier to ice your nose, eat soft foods, and get the rest needed. You'll probably wake up on day five or six feeling insanely better, and at that point, you can ease back into your normal routine. (The bruising should be mostly gone by this point, too.)

3. You'll have to be careful not to hurt your nose.

Even after your nose feels like it has healed, it will be increasingly susceptible to damage for about a year. This means you will need to avoid contact sports that could cause you to hit your nose. You'll also need to use care when you blow your nose; don't apply too much pressure to the tip!

4. The scars should be pretty hidden.

Some people put off getting a nose job because they figure they'll just be trading a misshapen nose for a scarred one. But your surgeon will be careful to hide the incisions along the crease to the side of your nostrils. You should not be able to see them unless you look really closely, and other people are really unlikely to notice.

For more information, contact a local plastic surgeon