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Signs of Low Testosterone in Younger Men

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Low testosterone is often thought of as an issue that plagues older men. The reality is that a man of any age can experience this issue, and the earlier the problem is identified — the better. For this reason, it's important for younger men to be able to recognize some of the signs that typically present when testosterone levels are low. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is a driving force behind your ability to reach and sustain an erection because it causes a stimulation within the brain that triggers this action. Consequently, when you begin to notice issues like a reduced sex drive or an inability to maintain an erection, it's possible low testosterone is a cause. Erectile dysfunction is a medical issue and not something you can cure on your own, so you will need to speak with someone about it.

Premature Hair Loss

Men are prone to male-patterned hair loss. However, men that deal with this issue typically don't experience it until later in life. When a young man has hair loss, such as in his 20s or early 30s, it could be a sign of this problem. Testosterone is a key reason why men have more body hair than women because it promotes hair production, so when this hormone low, hair production tends to slow or halt.

Loss of Muscle Mass

If you work out and follow a healthy diet, but you still aren't achieving the muscle gains you expect, it might not be anything that you're doing wrong or not doing. Testosterone promotes muscle building, so if a man has low testosterone, he will lose some of the muscle mass or the rate at which he was once able to produce muscle will be reduced. Taking muscle building products like protein shakes will not help; you need to speak with a healthcare professional.


If you and your partner are in the midst of trying to expand your family and you have not had success, it's a good idea to have your testosterone levels examined. A high volume of semen is necessary for conception to occur, as the lower the volume of semen produced by the man, the less likely conception is. Low testosterone will reduce the amount of semen that you are able to produce.

Speak with a healthcare provider should you notice any of these symptoms. There are ways to treat low testosterone, but it's important that you speak up to get the treatment you need. To learn more, visit a testosterone health center near you.