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Examples of Patients Who Can Benefit From Professional Home Care

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Taking care of an infirm or disabled relative can be a full-time job. However, you may find it difficult to balance this job, when you already have a career and a family of your own to take care of each day. Rather than take on more than you can handle on your own, you can hire professional healthcare workers to assist you. These examples of patients are some that can benefit from professional home care aides.

Elderly Patients

Senior citizens often face unique health challenges as they age. They may find themselves suffering from illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. They also may have severe arthritis, failing kidneys, and poor eyesight or hearing.

These illnesses can make it unsafe for elderly patients to live on their own. They need to have someone check on them every day, to make sure that they take their medication, avoid falls in the bathtub, and can handle tasks like getting dressed safely. When you do not have time to check in on an aging loved one, you can hire a home care nurse or medical assistant to visit them, and help this relative with delicate tasks each day.

Intellectually Challenged Patients

When you are the parent of an intellectually challenged adult, you may want your child to live as independently as possible. However, you also realize that your child needs someone to help them with daily tasks, like cooking and doing laundry. It may not be safe for your child to live entirely independently.

A team of home care workers might be your solution to giving your child some independence, without putting them at risk by having them live alone. You can have these workers stay in eight or twelve-hour shifts, and they can make sure that your child can live safely in their own space, without encountering dangers at their home.

High-Risk Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who face high-risk health situations may need someone to help them at home. If your wife has high blood pressure, for example, she may need to stay in bed. You can hire a home care worker to handle tasks, like housekeeping or cooking, to provide your wife with respite until she delivers.

These individuals are some that can benefit from having professional home care workers to help them. You can hire them to help you balance the care for infirm or disabled relatives. For more information about home care aid, contact a local medical practice.