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The Symptoms Urgent Care Can Help You With

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For many people, urgent care is a godsend. It saves them when they would otherwise be forced to make an appointment with their physician and wait days or even weeks for an appointment. Urgent care centers allow you to come in and receive treatment quickly and efficiently.

Are you unsure if your symptoms are suitable for an urgent care visit? These are among the common complaints people have when they come in.


Fever is a common symptom people come in with, and the people who come in range widely in age. A child with a fever may be treated differently than a healthy adult because of the likelihood of different conditions each may face.


A cough is one of the most common reasons why people come in for urgent care. Coughs can be related to different types of infections, some of which can be treated with antibiotics. Additionally, cough can stem from issues like prescription medications, asthma, heartburn, and allergies. Urgent care centers are often suited to provide X-rays, lab studies, and other diagnostic tests.

Sore Throat

If you have a sore throat, you can come in for urgent care treatment. Sore throats are common complaints, and identifying the cause is possible with the on-site lab tests. You can also receive treatment or instructions for getting well.

Ear Infections

You can come in for urgent care if you or your child exhibits the signs of an ear infection. Ear infections can often be treated with antibiotics, and a doctor can determine what kind of infection you have and how to prevent it in the future.

Eye Issues

There are many different eye problems people come to urgent care centers with. They may experience conjunctivitis, abrasions, and even foreign objects that get trapped in the eye. On-site doctors can test for infections and other common concerns.


Many skin issues prompt visits to urgent care. These issues include tinea, shingles, psoriasis, scarlet fever, and other rashes that may require an exam and diagnosis before treatment.

Nausea and Stomach Issues

If you experience nausea or abdominal discomfort, you could have anything from the flu to food poisoning. Professionals will diagnose your problem and take care of potential treatments, which may include providing fluids and prescribing medications.

Urgent Care Is Here For You

Do you still have questions about your health? VIsit an urgent care center today to get answers to some of your health questions.