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2 Reasons To See A Virtual Behavioral Health Therapist

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If you want to start behavioral therapy, then you don't have to visit a therapist in their office. You can use virtual therapy instead. For example, you could talk to your therapist via video calls, phone, or text or audio messages.

What are the advantages of using virtual therapy?

1. Get Help Faster

You might not get a fast office appointment with a therapist. You have to find someone with free slots that also fit your schedule. Plus, therapists might only be able to offer you one session a week.

If you feel you need more help more quickly, then this won't suit you. If you need behavioral therapy because of an anxiety problem, for example, then a long wait before you can start seeing a therapist could make you feel worse.

You'll usually find it easier to start therapy faster if you book with an online service. You can schedule appointments at times to fit you and your work/family circumstances. You'll have your therapy at home, so you don't have to worry about the therapist's location.

Plus, depending on the therapist you choose, you can often get more help than a weekly session. For example, if you use messaging therapy, your therapist might allow you to message them outside of your scheduled appointment times when you need extra support.

2. Reduce Therapy Stress

While therapy will take you out of your comfort zone at some point, you do need to settle into a relationship with your therapist before things start to work. You might not find this easy in an in-person behavioral environment at first.

You might find it hard to stick with the therapy if it makes you feel more uncomfortable. Even though you know you need help, you might find it easier to give up on your sessions.

For example, if you have social anxiety problems, then sitting in front of a therapist who you don't know yet might trigger all your anxieties. You might find it hard to talk to somebody in person. If you want therapy for agoraphobia, then you might not be able to leave your home to get to a therapist's office at all.

Virtual therapy is a viable alternative in these scenarios. You can have all your sessions at home or in any place you feel safe. If you have anxiety problems, then talking to a therapist from your home might make you feel more comfortable and better able to open up. Phone and messaging options might suit you if seeing your therapist makes you more anxious.

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