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Addiction Development And Recovery

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Addiction Development and Recovery 

Addiction is a complex brain disorder of uncontrolled and continuous craving for something then using it despite its bad effects on the physical or mental health. Addiction causes long-lasting changes in the brain and causes mental illness.

When do you get addicted to something?

Addiction does not happen overnight. Addiction develops in stages, the first step being experimenting with the substance or drug for the first time. The first stage is taking the substance by choice, not by the influence of negative consequences of something. Usually, the person is thinking of trying the substance once for fun.

The second stage comes when the person starts to use that substance regularly, thinking that they can leave the subject whenever they want. Yet continuing the usage of substance continuously. The person does not develop an addiction at this stage. Most people leave the addictive substance at this initial stage.

In the third stage, high risks are involved. People use the addictive substance while risking their lives. For example, getting drunk while driving, etc.

The fourth stage is the complete dependency on the addictive substance. Your body shows symptoms if you cannot get the addictive substance.

How to quit the addiction?

Now you realize that you have developed an addiction. You want to quit the drug, but now it is very hard for you to skip it. The part of your brain that controls judgment and controls your impulses get affected adversely. However, don't get disappointed; addiction is curable. Controlling the addiction is difficult on your own, but some people have achieved it. Many people join addiction treatment programs. The addiction recovery programs help you recover by analyzing your emotional, mental, physical, and biological situation.

  1. You can take the following steps to get fully recover from the process.
  2. Prepare yourself mentally to get recover.
  3. Join the addiction recovery program and take professional help.
  4. Find hobbies or keep yourself busy with something.
  5. Take the support of your family, friends, and siblings.
  6. Your environment is very important for your mental health. Try to surround yourself with a healthy environment.

How much time addiction recovery takes?

Addiction recovery depends on how much damage you have done to yourself through addiction. The neurotransmitters will take time to recover from the damage. The process may take a few weeks to several years to fully recover the brain. Your willingness and motivation can speed up the addiction recovery process.