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Why Accredited Pre-Employment Drug And Alcohol Testing Is Important For Your Business

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Accredited pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is an important part of the hiring process. It helps protect your business from potential liability, shows that you take safety seriously, and helps you make sure that your team is healthy and productive. Here's what you need to know about accredited pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and why it is so important for businesses.

What Is Accredited Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing?

Accredited pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is a screening process that uses urine or saliva samples to detect the presence of drugs or alcohol in a person's system. It typically takes place before an applicant is hired but can also be used to monitor current employees throughout their employment.

What Are the Benefits of Testing?

There are numerous benefits to having employee drug testing in place. For starters, it ensures that employees are not impaired while on the job, which can create serious safety hazards for other team members as well as the general public. Drug testing also helps ensure that only people who pass the test are hired, meaning employers can avoid hiring someone with an addiction problem. Additionally, drug testing can help protect employers from legal liability if something goes wrong on the job due to an employee being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, giving employers peace of mind. It is important to hire a reliable team that they can trust to perform their duties safely and efficiently without putting anyone else at risk.

How Do You Ensure Proper Testing Practices?

For accredited pre-employment drug and alcohol testing to be effective, it's important to make sure the tests are conducted properly. Partnering with an experienced lab that has experience performing these tests according to industry standards is important. Additionally, it's crucial that all employees understand the company's policy on substance use in the workplace and any repercussions associated with using substances while on duty or failing a test. As an employer, consider providing existing employees with resources if they need help with addiction issues or other related problems, including access to counseling services and rehabilitation programs.

Accredited pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is an essential part of running a successful business today. By taking steps to hire a safe and reliable team now, you can protect yourself from potential liability issues later. In addition, the right partner lab will make sure proper testing practices are conducted every time, giving you peace of mind knowing your team is prepared for any task ahead.

For more information about drug & alcohol testing, contact a local company.