Staying Healthy During Your Pregnancy

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Prescription Pot: Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

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Medical marijuana isn’t actually prescribed, but if you live in one of the 28 states that recognize the benefits of medical marijuana, you can get a ‘recommendation’ which is then be used to obtain your medical marijuana card. In California, for instance, this recommendation must meet some guidelines: Printed on a full 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. Your full name. The date of your evaluation. Your patient ID #. Read More»

Tips On Choosing The Best Pediatrician For Your Special Needs Child

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Whether you’re moving to a new town or you recently gave birth, you’ll need to find a pediatrician. Since a pediatrician is responsible for recommending and coordinating specialists for their tiny patients, it is important that parents of special needs children work with a pediatrician they trust. There are a few tips you can utilize to make sure you partner with the pediatrician who has your child’s best interests at heart. Read More»

Urgent Care Center: When to Choose This Healthcare Option

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Why visit an urgent care center? Well, there are plenty of reasons. But maybe you’re not sure what the advantages are. Maybe you’ve always called your family doctor, or you think the ER is the place to go. Those are both completely appropriate options in many cases. Even though there are times when making an appointment with your doctor or taking a trip to the emergency department are definitely needed, some injuries and illnesses are treatable at an urgent care center. Read More»

Dorsal Compression Syndrome: A Patient's Guide

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Are you experiencing pain along the top of your foot that seems most pronounced to the outside of your foot, along the side? Chances are, you’re dealing with a condition known as dorsal compression syndrome. Though it’s most common in athletes like runners and soccer players, it can also appear in those who spend many hours a day on their feet. Here’s a closer look. What is dorsal compression syndrome, and what causes it? Read More»